Hi! I'm Ramius. Welcome to my library. I've amassed a few books through the years which have given me countless hours of enjoyment. I hope you find something that interests you and enjoy it as I have. I have many more books than are listed here. I will be adding regularly.


First Editions:

Helen Maccinnes, Assignment in Brittany, w/cover, Sundial Press, 1943

Betty Smith, Maggie-Now, 1958, Harper & Bros

Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind...1938 18th printing..Very Good

Donn Byrne......Messer Marco Polo........Ilustrated by C.B. Falls, 1921, The Century Co. New York


James Russel Lowell's Poetical Works...1898, Aster Edition

A compend ofHuman Physiology,7th edition, 1893, Albert P. Brubaker,am, md, P. Blakiston , son and co.

Rudyard Kipling, Life's Handicap, 1917, Doubleday, page and Co., review of reviews..

Will Rogers, Ambassador of Goodwill Prince of Wit, 1935, P.J. O'brien illustrated, John C Winston co.

Donahue's Webster's Handy American Dictionary, 1905, illustrated, David McKay, Philadelphia


Brian Lowry--The Official Guide to the X-Files---Harper Prism, 1995
Richard Prather--Shell Scott Series
Donald Hamilton--Matt Helm Series
Alistaire McClean--Complete Works (About half also in Hard cover
Edgar Rice Burroughs--Complete Tarzan collection plus some martian series and others.


Manual of the Guild of St. Barnabus for Nurses, 1932, 3X5 inches, Dean Davis memorial edition, with the constitution and bylaws adopted May 1930, Hardcover

Clara Weeks-Shaw, A text-book of Nursing, 1904, D. Appleton & Co. N.Y.

Comic Books:

Conan Issues: 1 (1st Issue),2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11
Conan the Barbarian Issues: 1(ist issue)2,3(oct),3(feb),16,55,99,100,115,156,250,267,268,269,271,272,273

Conan the Barbarian Movie Special Nov 02662

The Savage Sword of Conan...207,208 (2), 210,211(3),212,213,214,215(2),216(2),217(2),218,220(3),222,225,226,229,231,232

Conan Saga....71(2),72(3)73(2),74,75,76(3),77(2),79(2),80(3),81(2),82,85,87,89,90,91(2),95,97

Conan the Savage.....2,4(2),8(2),10


Lobo.....Bounty Hunting for fun & Profit (biz 94)
#1=1st Issue-dec93, #1 Oct 92, #1=Oct 92 Book 1 of 4, Blazing Chain of Love, Convention Special, Portrait of a victim, A contract on gawd Part 1 of 4, #2 Lobo's back, 4,7,9,10,14,19


Playboy Issues: January 1970, Oct 1983 CoverCover Nastassia Kinski, Oct 1993 Cover Jerry Seinfeld, Feb 1999 Cover Pamela Sue Anderson

Mr America....Volume 5, number 4, Oct 1962

Strength& Health, july 1961

Cub Scouts of America, Den Chief's Denbook, 1965

Life Magazine...50 Year Anniversary Issue, Fall 1986