Hi! I'm Ramius. I"m retired military and have been around the world. I have managed to amass a few things from here or there in my life. In this site I will list some of the things that I've collected. I'm willing to trade or sell everything listed here. If you're interested, just drop me an email ( and tell me what you have in mind. I'm open to all offers. I'm still in the reconstructing process, so it might take me a while to get everything up. Please bear with me. Thank you.

Inventory of Items:

Sportscard Collection (over 30,000 cards)

Coin Collection (5000 coins, U.S. and Foreign)

Records (45, 78, 33rpm)

Books (Hard cover, paperback, comics and magazines ----(old and not so old)

Misc. Items, such as commodore computers, footpedal powered sewing machine in oak cabinet, tube radios, beatle pictures and more...