The X-Files Movie - Fight The Future

It's thirty odd thousand years before the Middle East is swept along with baby killing fever... The two figures, barely visible in the snow, make their way towards a snow cave following animal tracks. Are they in pursuit of food or are they long dead ancestors of Fox Mulder, chasing aliens? Unfortunately they don't really get the chance as the alien kills them both, the first gets mauled and the second manages to stab the alien, he believes he has killed it... oops! He forgot about Purity, the black oil that has a mind of its own.

The cave roof collapses and a kid falls to the floor. Dusting himself down he finds a skull but before he can climb out of the cave he succumbs to the black oil, the threads racing up his body before his eyes turn black... so no Christmas presents this year for him then (he even misses out on the new bikes being handed out later on) and the Middle East has managed to cut down on killing babies (well, to an absolute minimum). The kids' friends then leg it back towards the houses and the emergency services turn up soon after, although it is surprising to note that they managed to turn up without a TV crew in tow.

As the rescue gets under way and several firemen have been sent down the hole, loosing radio contact and ending up with matching eye colour with the kid they are supposed to be rescuing, a large "mysterious" convoy of white heavy duty vehicles turn up after being proceeded by a helicopter carrying the lab technicians from Intel.

Scully is seen scurrying around on the roof of a building that isn't supposed to be checked for bombs, Mulder is inside somewhere, not looking for bombs. They meet up on the roof and Scully plays with Mulder by pretending to be locked out... Mulder falls for it everytime apparently. They make their way to the lobby and Mulder offers to get some sodas while Scully lurks in the lobby. He soon discovers that when you put your money in the machine for a diet coke you actually get a shitload of explosives instead... at this point Mulder looks like he might panic. Most people would just stand there and watch the pool grow from their feet... Scully then mutters the immortal words "Don't think! Pick up that phone and make it happen!".

A few minutes later Scully, Mulder and all but one of the FBI Agents are running from the building - Mulder stops to note that "Something's wrong" then after Scully reminds him that the building is going to collapse on his head they both jump into a police car... then the building does goes bang with the one remaining FBI Agent (Special Agent in Charge Darius Michaud) sitting in front of the bomb getting a face lift (straight over his shoulders).

Sometime later at an official FBI inquiry into the bombing in Dallas held in the Office of Professional Review and headed by Assistant Director Jana Cassidy the two agents are left with the impression that they are being held responsible in some way for the bomb going off and the X-Files Agents are reassigned. Scully decides the best course of action is to resign rather than go back to some pokey little field office and Mulder decides to get drunk. After consuming a few in The Casey's Grill bar...

The bartender asks if Mulder has had a busy day to which he replies "I'm a key figure in an ongoing Government charade, a plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extra-terrestrials. It's a global conspiracy actually, with key players in the highest levels of power and it reaches down to the lives of every man, woman and child on this planet. So of course, no one believes me. I am an annoyance to my superiors and a joke to my peers, they call me Spooky, Spooky Mulder who's sister was abducted by aliens when he was just a kid and now chases little green men with a badge and a gun shouting to the heavens or anyone who'll listen or who fixes in that the sky is falling and that when it hits it's going to be the shitstorm of all time." - of course he could have just said "Yes."

After this he goes to relieve himself in the alley behind the bar and is standing there with only an Independence Day poster to keep him company, or so he thought, only to find that he has been followed by Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil who knew Mulder's father when they worked together on "The Project" in the Department of the State. He tells Mulder that the building was blown up to conceal the truth of what was stored in the medical facilities of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and that the bodies of the three firemen and the young boy would not reveal that they had died of explosion related injuries, but that they had died as a result of infection by an unknown virus. Mulder seems to disregard this information (by telling Kurtzweil he's "full of shit") and jumps in a cab to go home, as they drive away leaving Kurtzweil standing in the street, Mulder redirects the cab to Scully's apartment in Georgetown where he enlists the help of his friend and colleague to see if Kurtzweil is telling the truth...

At the site of hole in the ground in North Texas two black helicopters fly overhead, the site transformed with structures over the hole, guards and fencing. Both helicopters land and out of the lead one steps a man in a dark suit. He walks away from the aircraft and lights a cigarette (despite the 80mph downdraft) and exhales into the night air... He dons a biochem suit and descends into the cave where he sees the remaining fireman in a special unit. The temperature is below zero to slow the gestation of the creature growing inside the fireman.

Montgomery County, Maryland. Bethesda Naval Hospital. 4.04am. After bluffing their way past the military security, the two agents make their way to morgue, there they find the body of one of the firemen found in the Dallas explosion. Scully notes that there has been no autopsy on the chart and decides to perform one anyway to find out the real cause of death. Leaving Scully behind, Mulder goes to the home of Dr. Kurtzweil in Dupont Circle, Washington DC. Mulder enters the apartment to find the local PD raiding the apartment looking for child pornography, he leaves and finds Kurtzweil hiding in an alley nearby. This time, with no poster to look at, Mulder is told to go back to Dallas. Back at the autopsy, Scully is forced to hide in the freezer for fear of being discovered after finding evidence of a massive infection.

The next day the two meet up at the Field office of the FBI in Dallas, there they examine the fossilized bone fragments found at the bomb site. Scully notices straight away that the bone fragments have the same evidence of infection she found in the autopsy. The local agent tells them that the bone fragments were excavated at a site in North Texas by FEMA.

Back at the installation in North Texas, things aren't going well for the fireman... something nasty lurks there...

The sound of happy children fills the air in the large grounds of a country estate in Somerset, England. Looking out from the terrace, Well Manicured Man watches his three grandchildren play in the warm summer sun (so bang goes the theory about England always being cold and wet...) when his butler tells him he has a phone call. CSM tells him that there has been a meeting called in London later that evening by Strughold before he left Tunis. Near the Royal Albert Hall a Bentley arrives, out steps Well Manicured Man and he enters the private members club. In the library, the rest of the group are assembled, they are watching a video of Mulder and Scully at the Naval Base. After discussing the changes in the plan for colonization and that the people of earth have gone from slave labor to food status, they group decide that something must be done about the two agents. Well Manicured Man argues that Mulder should not be murdered as it was too much of a risk so Strughold says that they should remove that "Which he can not live without"...

After visiting the "archaeological" site which has been replaced with a new playground, the two agents are mistaken for Door-to-door salesmen by three local kids all riding nice shiny new bikes. They eventually tell the two agents that "they" left an hour ago. Mulder and Scully drive until dark and end up in the middle of nowhere, Scully is feeling depressed and annoyed until a train passes by with unmarked white tanker trucks on the last two wagons. They follow the train until they notice something from high vantage point that seems a bit odd for the middle of the desert. Two brightly lit domes in the middle of a corn field.

Inside, something is humming and it isn't Scully's pager.

The two agents are forced to flee one of the domes by a swarm of African Honey bees, then they are forced to flee the corn field by two black helicopters which then disappear into the night sky.

The next morning, Scully is presenting her evidence to the OPC panel as Mulder meets up with Kurtzweil once more. After discussing what Mulder has seen in Texas, Mulder becomes disillusioned and believes that Kurtzweil is just using him to gather information for his next book. Mulder goes home and Scully arrives moments later to tell him that she is being transferred to Salt Lake, Utah as a result of the review, not accepting this reassignment Scully tells Mulder she has resigned. Mulder goes after her as she walks away from Apartment 42 and pleads with her in the hallway to stay. They hug each other and Scully kisses Mulder on the forehead, they stare into each other's eyes and a realization of all they have been through together, all the feelings and untold affection they have for each other is coming to an end. Mulder looks holds her head in his hands and as their slightly parted lips move to meet each other... Scully gets stung by a bee on the back of her neck. She soon realizes that something is very wrong and soon collapses on the hallway floor. The paramedics soon arrive to take care of Scully and before the ambulance drives away Mulder asks the driver which hospital they are taking her to, the driver shoots Mulder at point blank range in the head.

Mulder wakes in hospital to find the Lone Gunmen around his bed, his wound isn't serious and he soon wants to leave to find Scully. He escapes undetected from the hospital with the help of Walter Skinner and the Lone Gunmen and hurriedly arranges to meet Kurtzweil in the alley with the poster. Kurtzweil arrives to find Well Manicured Man waiting... When Mulder arrives moments later, Well Manicured Man tells him that Kurtzweil has been and gone, he then tells Mulder to get in the car as he has the location of Scully and the means to save her. As they travel the streets of the capital, Mulder learns of his father's involvement in "The Project" and why is sister was taken. He is told of his father's desire to see that Mulder should remain to expose "The Project" and fight the future. Knowing his role in the group has ended, Well Manicured Man shoots the driver and tells a shocked Mulder to "Trust No One". As Mulder walks away from the black limo (Registration 4365) Well Manicured Man gets back into the limo which then explodes.

Sometime later, Mulder is racing across a snowfield towards what appears to be a science station. Before he can get there he falls down a covered crevice and finds himself within an underground structure filled with pods. Inside them, bodies hang lifelessly in the fluid as something moves inside their abdomens. Above ground, CSM is following Mulder's tracks as below ground Mulder discovers that the structure is immense, with thousands of pods being moved by overhead conveyor belts. From his vantage point high up within the structure he sees something and descends (nearly killing himself in the process) and finds the cryogenic chamber with Scully's clothes and her gold cross and necklace inside. He is fortunate to find her inside one of the pods nearby and smashes the transparent cover to release her. He injects her with the vaccine given to him by Well Manicured Man which sets off a cascade reaction within the system as the vaccine backflows through the tube from Scully's mouth. In the science station, all hell is breaking loose as alarms sound and computer screens flash and CSM realizes that Mulder has the vaccine.

Above ground, CSM and the people manning the science station evacuate as below ground Mulder struggles to get Scully out. As they try to escape, Mulder has to revive Scully while all about him aliens gestating inside their human hosts become more agitated until they finally break free... Both agents are chased through the network of vents before making it back to the surface... Mulder sees the ice and snow beneath their feet is crumbling away and staggers away with Scully from the huge hole forming behind them, the hole catches up with them and they disappear... Only to be saved by the rising structure and sent crashing to the ground as they slide off its top surface. Mulder watches the city-sized craft glide gracefully away as Scully lies dazed and confused face down in the snow. When he realizes that she didn't witness the spaceship he collapses.

At the final hearing in the Office of Professional Conduct, Dana Scully is told that the evidence she has presented cannot be placed in the final report to the Attorney General as "Corn crops and bees do not quite fall under the rulebrick of domestic terrorism." - Scully approaches the panel table and hands over a single bee in a plastic container, "I don't believe the FBI currently has an investigative unit qualified enough to pursue the evidence in hand."
Meanwhile, the fossilized bone fragments are "removed" from the field office in Dallas, the white tanker trucks containing vast amounts of the black oil "Purity" are having "Nature's Best - Corn Oil" logos put on them and the cornfield is being burnt to the ground...

Outside, sitting on a park bench in the warm Washington sun reading a local newspaper article on page 24 about a fatal Hanta virus outbreak being contained in Northern Texas, Mulder looks up to see his partner walking towards him. She tells him about what has just happened at the OPR. Mulder tells her she was right to quit and that she should get as far away from him as possible and go back to being a doctor, Scully refuses to quit having had the cure for the virus and knowing that she would be able to save so many lives. "If I quit, they win."
A black helicopter races across the sand dunes of Foum Tataouine in Tunisia, amid the expanse of dessert, the vivid green of a corn field stands out. CSM meets with Conrad Strughold and hands him a telegram...

Cast List

Fox Mulder David Duchovny
Dana Scully Gillian Anderson
Assistant Director Walter Skinner Mitch Pileggi
CSM Spender William B. Davis
Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil Martin Landau
Stevie Lucas Black
Byers: Bruce Harwood
Langly: Dean Haglund
Frohike: Tom Braidwood
Conrad Strughold Armin Mueller-Stahl
Well-Manicured Man: John Neville
Dr. Ben Bronschweig: Jeffrey De Munn
SAC Darius Michaud: Terry O'Quinn
Black Haired Man: Michael Shamus Wiles
Assistant Director Jana Cassidy: Blythe Danner

Production List

Written by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz
Directed By Bob Bowman
Produced by Chris Carter and Daniel Sackheim
Co Produced by Frank Spotnitz
Music by Mark Snow

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