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I have constructed this world to try and provide you all with as much information possible about health. The human body is a fantantic piece of evolution. It can heal itself of almost anything if given the chance. Unfortunately it doesn't come with a user's manual to help you keep it running smoothly. The average doctor goes to school for almost 20 years and spends a fortune on education. It stands to reason that they want to get their money back. It is not in their best interest to suggest economical ways of being healed. They will not cure the condition, just treat the symptoms and order up many different test, "just to be sure". I have been doing a lot of investigating into the world of modern medicine and find that dispite all the so called advances, they have not learned how to cure simple illnesses, like the common cold or it's progressive stage, the flu. There is a reason they call their office a "practice"! I am just starting this page, so bear with me for a while. Come back often and grow with me. If there is something that you would like to see added, email me or post it to my forum. Thank you!




The practice of using Uropathy has been around for thousands of years. It is easy, readily available and costs nothing, which is why it hasn't been promoted by the AMA. There are many books that explain this simple but effective method of self healing. One such is the book "Uropathy", written by Martin J.Lara.

Holistic Medicine


Alternative Medicines


There are many ways to heal what is wrong with you. I will list a few of them here without resorting to the medical profession's usual "pop a pill" and "let me explore attitude."

There are some very good new drugs on the market today. You may have some need for the following. No prescriptions needed, all taken care of via the internet. It's inexpensive and discrete.

If you are losing your hair, you may want to try Propecia

If losing some weight is what you are trying to do, try xenical

Looking for something to ease those arthritic pains with out the usual stomach discomfort?? You need celebrex

For those that need a little lift now and then, there's the amazing drug Viagra