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This world is meant to bring back the time of chivalry and dragon slaying. The time of King Arthur and Camelot, his knights of the round table, pretty maidens, dragons, Merlin and the picturesque castles.


King Arthur


King Arthur


The most famous character of this period was King Arthur. The stories about the sword in the stone, Merlin, Sir Lancelot, The knights of the round table, the quest for the holy grail, all conspire to make this era much debated and very intertaining.

The story of King Arthur and his knights as told in Le Morte Darthur ("The Death of Arthur") by Sir Thomas Malory, begins with the death of Arthur's father, King Uther Pendragon. Following the king's death, there was strife and civil war among England's nobles. The nobles finally gathered in a church to ask God to show them who their rightful king should be. As they came out of the church they saw a sword in an anvil mounted on a great stone. On the stone it was written that whoever draws the sword from the stone, he shall be the next king of England. None of the great nobles could draw the sword. Although he was the kin's son, Arthur was not with his father when he died. Arthur had been given to the great magician Merlin for safe keeping shortly after his birth. Merlin had known that King Uther's death would cause a struggle for power among the nobles and that Arthur's life would be in danger, so Merlin gave the baby to Sir Ector and his wife to raise as their own, not telling them that the baby was King Uther's son. Some months after the sword appeared in the stone, a great tournament was held and Sir Ector, his son Sir Kay, and the young Arthur all attended. When Sir Kay discovered that he had left his sword at the inn where they were staying, he sent Arthur to retreive it. The inn, however, was closed because everyone had gone to the tournament. But Arthur remembered seeing the sword in the stone in the churchyard nearby. Without knowing what it meant, he removed the sword easily, and, after further proofs, Arthur became King.

some people believe that King Arthur is so inextricably tied up in Celtic Mythology that he must, in origin, have been, not a man at all, but a God. Like so many other characters featured in the Mabinogion, Arthur in his earliest form, appears almost entirely mythical. He and his companions have superhuman strength and abilities, and consort with giants and other mythological creatures. In the early Welsh poem "Preiddeu Annwfn", Arthur visits the Celtic Underworld, Annwfn. Even in Geoffrey and Malory, upon being fatally wounded in battle, Arthur is carried to the mystical Avalon, apparently the Underworld home of the Celtic god, Afallach. Many legends around the country attest to Arthur's immortality, for he sleeps in one of numerous caves waiting to return and lead his people. The name Arthur itself appears to derive from the Celtic word Art, meaning "bear". Could Arthur, like so many other Celtic gods, be merely a personification of the many revered animals of the wild? Later to become humanized like Beli Mawr or Bran the Blessed. The constellation of Ursa Major or the Great Bear is, after all, sometimes known as Arthur's Wain. There was indeed a Celtic Bear-God, Artio, worshipped in Switzerland and around Trier, but she was, in fact, a goddess and there is no trace of her in Britain! Some theorists claim Arthur was a late addition to the Celtic pantheon during a resurgence in pagan worship, or possibly a mythical hero, the offspring of a human and a bear. There is no evidence for either.






The Merlin character has been treated very differently by the multitude of authors dealing with Arthurian legend. This is particularly true in regard to the manner in which his powers are manifest. Many authors describe him as an enchanter with magical powers. Others describe him as a prophet, or in some cases, simply wise. There are several aspects of Merlin that are almost constant throughout Arthurian legend, however. Merlin is always a mysterious figure, who rarely explains his reasons for the amazing feats that he performs. In addition, almost without exception, Merlin is associated with the establishment of King Arthur's kingdom and his early reign. Merlin's origins are most likely in Welsh legend.

The Knights

The Knights


In romance and in legend, in music and in art, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are the world's best known heroes. For centuries they have been favorites of storytellers in many different countries. The tales, as they are most often told today, are set in King Arthur's Court at Camelot, in a castle with noble towers and a great hall. In the great hall stood the Round Table, where only the best and valiant knights could sit.Because the table had no head and no foot, all the knights seated around it were of equal rank. Each knight has his own seat with his name carved on it. The knights were bound by oath to help one another in time of danger and never to fight among themselves. The tales tell of the wise and courteous Sir Gawaine; the brave Sir Percival; Sir Lancelot, who loved King Arthur's wife, Guinevere; the traitor Sir Modred, who seized the throne and tried to wed Queen Guinevere; the noble Sir Bedivere, who received Arthur's last commands before he died; and Sir Tristram, the knight of many skills. One seat at the Round Table had no name on it. It was reserved for the knight who found the Holy Grail, the cup supposedly used by Christ at the Last Supper. The seat was finally won by Sir Galahad, the purest and noblest of all the knights.

The Knights of the Round Table

Here is a list of the knights of the Round Table. Sources do not always agree on the number of knights. Some say that there were 24, some say 28, and some say only 12 men held the distinctive honour of advising Arthur. I have included 30 names.

Agravaine Aliduke
Astomore Bedevere
Blamor Bleoberis
Bors Brandiles
Ector Galahad
Galahud Galihodin
Gawaine Griflet
Ironside Kay
La Cote Lancelot
Lionel Mador
Maris Palamides Patrick of Ireland Percival
Persant Pellinore
Pinel Safere
Tristram Uwaine

Sources do not agree on which were members, either. The only ones that hold a place on the Round Table in all listings are Lancelot, Galahad, Ector, Kay, and Bors. A case could be made for Modred, son and nephew of Arthur, but since he only desired to destroy Arthur and all the king stood for, I have not included him.

Damsels and Maidens

Joan of Ark


The Story of Excalibur!

King Arthur's reign was full of victories. Many of these he owed to another sword, an enchanted one called Excalibur. Here is the tale of how Arthur got it.

Leaving Sir Pellinore, King Arthur and Merlin went to a hermit, who was a good man, and skilled in the art of healing. He attended so carefully to the King's wounds, that in three days they were quite well, and Arthur was able to go on his way with Merlin. Then as they rode, Arthur said, "I have no sword." "No matter," said Merlin, "nearby is a sword that shall be yours if I can get it." So they rode till they came to a lake, which was a fair water and broad; and in the midst of the lake, Arthur saw an arm, clothed in white samite, that held in its hand a beautiful sword. "Lo," said Merlin, "the sword of all swords, Excalibur." With that they saw a damsel rowing across the lake. "What damsel is this?" asked Arthur. "That is the Lady of the Lake," said Merlin, "and within that lake is a rock, and therein is as fair a place as any on earth, and richly adorned. This damsel will soon come to you; then speak you fair to her, so that she will give you the sword." Presently the damsel came to Arthur, and saluted him, and he to her. "Damsel,'" said Arthur, "what sword is that which yonder the arm holdeth above the water? I would it were mine, for I have no sword." " Sir Arthur, King," said the damsel, "that sword is mine; the name of it is Excalibur, that is as much as to say CUT-STEEL. If you will give me a gift when I ask you, ye shall have it." "By my faith," said Arthur, "I will give you what gift ye shall ask." "Well," said the damsel, "go you into yonder barge, and row yourself to the sword, and take it and the scabbard with it, and I will ask my gift when I see my time." So King Arthur and Merlin alighted, and tied their horses to two trees, and went into the barge, and when they came to the sword that the hand held, Arthur lifted it by the handle, and took it with him. And the arm and the hand went under the water; and so they came to land, and rode away.