This world is dedicated to the memories of lost loved ones. This is a nice quiet area for paying your respects or just visiting. If you have lost a loved one and would like them immortalized on the internet, just email me the details of what you want. I will do the rest.


Born: 28 December 1950
Died: 9 June 2012
Life Partner of Ray
Beloved daughter of Punky and Les
Mourned by:
Ray, Who loved her very much
Tanya, and Mariah and Jim
Andy, Richard, Sherry A., Sherry B.
Jayjay, Cole,
All the hundreds of others that knew and loved her

She left behind a void in my heart that can never be filled..........

She is now resting with Punky, Les, Judy, and Bobby.....

Rita Maria Hale-Torres

Born: 3 August 1941
Died: 7 March 2004
Beloved daughter of Walter Steyer and Oma JaJa
Mourned by:
Ray, Her husband of 37 years
Her daughters Tanya and Norma
Her Grandchildren, Caprice, Mariah and Danica
Her sister Inge and Uncle George
She had a heart of gold but don't tick her off.

Emily Jean Klus

Born: 27 June 1950
Died: 4 June 2012
Beloved daughter of Otmer and Virginia Hale
Mourned by:
Ray, Her Brother
Gina, Walter and Angelo, her children
Violet, her very best friend for many years
All the hundreds of others that knew and loved her

A very loving and caring person, The world will never be the same without her..........

She is now resting with mom, Dad, Jeannette and Johnny.....


Born: 21 August 1953
Died: 25 August 1998
Beloved husband of Eva
Beloved son of Virginia
Mourned by:
Ray and Rita
Tanya, Til and Mariah
Norma. Heinz, Caprice and Danica
Della and Bill
Emily, Gina, Walter and Angelo

He left behind a void that can never be filled..........


Husband, friend, father, a good human being!

He will be mourned by all..............

Maf, Cheers, Cheyenne's Heart


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