Everyone remembers this classic adventure about Dorothy and Toto, from Kansas being whisked away to a land of witches, munchkins, emerald city, the wizard and most importantly, three new friends. Although it is almost sixty years old, this film is still a favorite of all ages.

.....Dorothy singing the hit song "Somewhere over the Rainbow". Then a tornado comes and takes her and Toto away.

.....Dorothy and Toto land in a funny little village called "munchkinland" inhabited by little people. There she accidently kills the wicked witch of the east. The wicked witch of the west appears and swears vengence.

.....Glenda, the good witch appears and gives Dorothy a pair of red shoes for protection. She suggests that Dorothy go to Emerald City and seek out the Wizard of Oz, who may be able to get her back home.

.....Dorothy and Toto start along the path to Emerald City, the yellow brick road

.....Along the way Dorothy meets the scarecrow, who wants a brain. Dorothy talks him into going and try the wizard, so he joins her.

.....The group next encounter a rusted tinman. After applying oil, the tinman says he would like to have a heart. He, too, enlists to see the famous wizard.

.....They find that the way is long and decide to take a rest

.....The group comes upon a cowardly lion that desparately wants to be brave. And so he joins the group

.....The four new friends on their way to Emerald City.

.....The wicked witch sends her flying monkeys to capture the group.

.....They watch in horror as the monkeys tear the stuffings out of the scarecrow and the witch advances with fire in her hand.

.....The witch tried to take Dorothy's slippers, but can't. Trying to put out the fire on the scarecrow, Dorothy accidently spills water on the witch and she shrivels away to nothing. The group travel on and eventually reach emerald city.

.....The scarecrow gets his diploma and is now smart.

.....The lion gets a medal for bravery. He is now brave!

The tinman gets his heart and is happy too. But the wizard cannot help Dorothy get back to Kansas.

.....Glenda appears and tells Dorothy to click her heels three times and she will go home. Dorothy clicks once, twice, and then for the third time and suddenly everything starts spinning around and.........Dorothy wakes up in bed with her aunt and the farm hands (who look exactly like the scarecrow,lion and tinman) standing around her bed. Did she dream it all or.................?


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