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Welcome to my world of Politics

This world is help educate those that may have an interest in politics. You should know what your rights are and how you can help make changes in our government. I will be adding to this page as we go along. Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.


September 11th, 2001, will live in all our minds as the worst terrorist attack ever. Four passenger jets with passengers and crew were hijacked and used as missles to destroy American landmarks. Two of the planes hit the World Trade Center in New York and destroyed them completely. One plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. causing major damage. The forth plane crashed in Pennsylvania in a rural area, The reason why has not yet been definately established. The death toll, as of this writing, has not been confirmed yet because of the difficulties in digging through the debris. It could be over 6,000 when all are accounted for. Who did this? And why???? Nobody yet has come forward and claimed responsibility.

rote the above right after 911. I had suspicions then but it has taken me a long time to piece things together. I will try to put together what happened and who did this terrible thing. It was NOT OUTSIDE TERRORISTS but those within. Please return as I list details and proof for those with oen minds and WANT the truth.

Sequence of events that occurred on 11 September, 2001!

Photographs of the areas attacked by terrorists

World Trade Center

The Pentagon


First thing to learn is what our freedom cost. What did freedom cost?????

Following the Columbine High School Massacre, Darrell Scott, whose daughter was one of those killed, gave a speech before a special congressional committee. His words should be read by all!!

This is an organization that is trying to bring the government back to following the constitutional guidelines. The reason they keep getting away with ignoring the constitution is that we let them because of apathy and self-indulgence. The people of this country have the two greatest powers for controlling government. Money and the vote. Use yours wisely. We already let one generation suffer for our lack of attention! How many more will follow?

Important documents to know......


    Bill of Rights/Amendments