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Season One :
Pilot, Deep Throat, Squeeze, Conduit, The Jersey Devil, Shadows, Ghost In The Machine, Ice, Space, Fallen Angel, Eve, Fire, Beyond The Sea, Genderbender, Lazarus, Young At Heart, E.B.E., Miracle Man, Shapes, Darkness Falls, Tooms, Born Again, Roland, The Erlenmeyer Flask.
Season Two :
Little Green Men, The Host, Blood, Sleepless, Duane Barry (Part I), Ascension (Part II), 3, One Breath, Firewalker, Red Museum, Excelsius Dei, Aubrey, Irresistible, Die Hand Die Verletzt, Fresh Bones, Colony (Part I), End Game (Part II), Fearful Symmetry, Død Kalm, Humbug, The Calusari, F.Emasculata, Soft Light, Our Town, Anasazi (Part I).

Season Three :
The Blessing Way (Part II), Paper Clip (Part III), D.P.O., Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, The List, 2Shy, The Walk, Oubliette, Nisei (Part I), 731 (Part II), Revelations, War Of The Coprophages, Syzygy, Grotesque, Piper Maru, Apocrypha, Pusher, Teso Dos Bichos, Hell Money, Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space', Avatar, Quagmire, Wetwired, Talitha Cumi.

Season Four :
Herronvolk, Unruhe, Home, Teliko, The Field Where I Died, Sanguinarium, Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man, Paper Hearts, Tunguska, Terma, El Mundo Gira, Kaddish, Never Again, Leonard Betts, Memento Mori, Unrequited, Tempus Fugit, Max, Synchrony, Small Potatoes, Zero Sum, Elegy, Demons, Gesthesmane.

Season Five :
Unusual Suspects, Redux, Redux II, Detour, Christmas Carol, Post-Modern Prometheus, Emily, Kitsunegari, Schizogeny, Chinga, Kill Switch, Bad Blood, Patient "X", The Red And The Black, Travelers, Mind's Eye, All Souls, The Pine Buff Variant, Folie A Deux, The End.

Season Six :
The Beginning, Drive, Triangle, Dreamland, Dreamland II, Terms Of Endearment, Rain King, How The Ghost Stole Christmas, Tithonus, S.R.819, Two Fathers, One Son, Arcadia, Aqua Mala, Monday, Alpha, Trevor, Milagro, Three Of A Kind, The Unnatural, Field Trip, Biogenesis.
Season Seven :
The Sixth Extinction, The Sixth Extinction - Amor Fati, Millennium, Hungry, Rush, The Goldberg Variation, Orison, The Amazing Maleeni, Signs & Wonders, Sein Und Zeit, Closure, X-Cops, First Person Shooter, Theef, En Ami, Chimera, all things, Brand X, Hollywood A.D., Fight Club, Je Souhaite, Requiem.

Season Eight :

Within, Without, Patience, Roadrunners, Invocation, Redrum, Via Negativa, Surekill, Salvage, Badlaa, The Gift, Medusa, Per Manum, This is Not Happening, DeadAlive, Three Words, Empedocles, Vienen, Essence and Existence. As yet, the official site seems to be a bit confused as to what order some of these episodes will appear in. When the rest of the episode titles are announced they will be here... probably :o) The new season premiered in the UK on February 15th 2001 on Sky One and is showing Thursdays at 9pm.

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