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The Truth Is Out There

Main Characters:

Special Agent Dana Scully.....Gillian Anderson

Dana Scully..... She is dedicated to objectivity and common sense, but open to extreme possibilities. Special Agent Dana Scully is not only a medical doctor with a specialty in forensics, but a firm believer in reason who thinks there is a scientific explanation behind every X-file. Against her parent's wishes, Scully went from medical school to Quantico, where she taught for two years at the FBI's training academy. From there she was assigned to work with Fox Mulder and the X-Files, with the strong implication that she was to debunk them. Over the years that they have worked together, her trust in his instincts and her respect for his integrity have eroded her skepticism. She finds her faith in a scientific and orderly universe constantly challenged by the cases she pursues with Mulder. Far from being a spy for the bureaucrats who hinder their work, Scully is a full partner in the X-Files, focusing on assembling the hard evidence that will prove the truth is out there

Special Agent Fox Mulder.....David Duchovney

Fox Mulder..... Special Agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder was on a fast track in the FBI when he took a detour into the paranormal. Convinced through hypnotic regression that his sister was abducted by some unknown power when they were children, he is now obsessed with discovering the truths hidden in the X-Files, a repository for the extraordinary, the unexplained and the supernatural. Recruited into the Bureau after studying psychology at Oxford, Mulder showed an inclination toward the off beat from the beginning of his career. His early monograph on serial killers and the occult led to the capture of a notorious murderer. But far from pursuing what could have been a stellar career within the Bureau, Mulder chose "the basement office with no heat" where the FBI hides the X-Files. Only his network of contacts in Congress and other halls of power has allowed him to continue his investigations in the face of official indifference and covert opposition. Opposed by enemies within the Bureau itself and beyond, the only person he can trust absolutely is his partner, Dana Scully


Agent John Doggett joined the FBI from the New York City Police Department, where he served as a Detective in the Fugitive Division's Warrant section. Approaching all of his investigations like a doubting cop, he believes that everything can be explained with standard police techniques. So it is no surprise that after only five years at the Bureau, he is assigned by Deputy Director Kersh to run the task force looking for Mulder. Although he may be set up to fail, Doggett has resigned himself to solve the case. Masters and doctoral degrees in Public Administration from Syracuse University prove Doggett's willingness to conform to the government's blueprint. He is the consummate insider on the fast track to success. Previous to his police work, Doggett held the rank of Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps' Amphibious Unit and played a role in the Multi-National Peacekeeping Force for Lebanon Development. With six years in the military, he retired with commendations after being wounded in the line of duty

An ex-Marine with a stern sense of duty, the Bureau's Assistant Director Walter Skinner sometimes has little patience with Mulder's unorthodox methods of investigation. More than once he has warned Mulder and Scully that their inquiries were crossing into dangerous territory. He has also been forced to shut down the X-Files, but decided to reopen them on his own authority. Skinner seems to be caught between two agendas: agents Mulder and Scully on one side and the Cigarette-Smoking Man on the other. Frequent visits by the CSM portray Skinner as another Syndicate lackey, but his efforts on behalf of Mulder and Scully "through unofficial channels" clearly show his concern for the agents and their work. Still, Krycek has proven that the Assistant Director can never be released from the hold of those in power. The ex-Agent holds the console that can increase the amount of nanotechnology machines in Skinner's blood stream. While he has never been fully convinced of Mulder's alien theories, Skinner is astonished to see a bright light flash across the sky and witnesses Mulder disappear in "Requiem" (7X22). He is filled with emotion as he later recounts the events to Scully. "I'll be asked what I saw," he says. "And what I saw I can't deny. I won't!

The Lone Gunmen

The Lone Gunmen

Three computer geniuses who has helped Mulder on many occasions. They are a bit zany and fit perfectly with the show's cast.

The Movie

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The only movie version of the X Files made to date. Titled, Fight the Future, it was like a big screen version of a weekly episode. It blended nicely between the seasons.

Fox Mulder's Family

Bill Mulder.....Bill Mulder, Fox's father Tena Mulder.....Tena Mulder, Fox's mother Samatha Mulder.....Samatha Mulder, Fox's abducted sister

Dana Scully's family

William Scully.....Capt William Scully, Dana's father Melissa Scully.....Melissa Scully, Dana's sister

Frequent visitors

.....Spender,C.G.B (William B. Davis) The cigarette smoking man or cancer man, also father of Special Agent Jeffrey Spender

.....Alien Bounty Hunter( Brian Thompson) An enigmatic alien clone - a colonist - who is in league with the government, the Alien Bounty Hunter (also called the Pilot, Bounty Hunter, or Alien Assassin) can literally become anyone he wants to be, is almost invincible, and can heal the sick with a single touch.

.....Special Agent Diana Fowley (Mimi Rogers)Mulder's ex-flame

.....Well Manicured Man (John Neville)

.....Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea)

.....Is this where Mulder's been hiding??


Season episodes

Fantasy World

007 James Bond

The Wizard of Oz

Knights and Dragons