Where did Satan come from?

He is Satan, Hallel --the Angel of Light! To Christians, he is The Evil One, our Adversary --the Father of Lies! To many occultists and curious inquirers into the mystic realm, he represents power: a chance to unlock the secrets of the universe and to step into a realm of mystery and intrigue. A chance to taste the forbidden fruit!
But what's the truth regarding the spiritual realm? Who is Satan, and where did he come from? Come, together we will travel back through the mists of time. Back to a place before the creation of the earth, before history first took note of anything, before all recorded history... Come on a mystical journey into the mind of God!
The record of this time filters down to us to us in bits and pieces. Small shreds of evidence, brief revelations from the Word of God --Come, let us begin our mystic journey...

What did Satan look like?

Many people do not know that Satan was originally the most beautiful and wisest of God's creation. You will learn how the mighty "covering angel" the "anointed cherub" of God met his downfall. You will discover how he came to be "God of this world" and why he wages war upon God's children. You'll discover the awesome truth behind everything you 'think' you know about the spiritual realm! Be prepared to be amazed. Be prepared to change your mind. Be prepared to be shocked...

Satan's Original Position

As you can see, the Bible plainly describes the majesty and wisdom of Satan in heaven. He was the angel who covered God's throne! Satan had musical instruments (pipes and drums) built into his body with which he led the "praise & worship" services --directing 1/3 of the Heavenly Host in an angelic choir! A far cry from Satan's lowly position today.
How is it that The wisest and most beautiful of God's creation became corrupt? How is it that Satan became the great tormenter of mankind? What is the true story behind it all? And, just as important, how will it all end?
There was once a mighty battle in Heaven when Satan warred against God. Now he is warring against God's children! Here is the true story of how it all began, why it continues, and how declares it will end! Come, listen to this amazing story...